Soundcore LifeQ20

I purchased a set of Soundcore Life Q20 headphones during a promotion a couple of months ago that stated that after posting my review that Anker would ship me an Anker Nebula Prism projector. I completed my review and posted the link to my power user profile just as I have with all the other items I have reviewed in the past. I then waited, but never received the project or any notification of it having shipped. I have since emailed anker marketing describing my issue as per the instructions on the power user site, but haven’t received any reply. I have been a power user for several years and always received quick responses, but it seems they are giving me the cold shoulder on this one. Does anyone know any other ways I can reach out to them for resolution?

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I’m sorry, but you misunderstood what the email said. I received the same email, so I have an exact copy of what you got

You had to fill out a separate survey by August 24th. It appears you missed the deadline.

I would recommend emailing the anker support team, and see if they can do anything due to the misunderstanding.