Soundcore Life2 cups chemical smells

Hello everyone.

I have recently purchase SoundCore Life 2 ANC headphones. I like it very much but the only problem I am facing its bad chemical smells from cups which cause my throat tightness and uncomfortable in breathing so I have stop using it. Can anyone give me any suggestion how to get rid of this bad chemical smells? Or anyone faced similar problem


New items have sometimes a certain “smell”
(new cars, new clothes)
Same is with speakers (eg FLARE (the textile coating))
Some people “smell” this more intensive, others do not.
I would suggest to wait a time.
This smell vanishes.

Is it bad enough that you smell it while they are on your ear? I think sometimes I know some products will have that sort of a sanitized smell. I guess on what part of cups is it at.

The worst scenario I could think of is that they got some moisture in them and the covering are smelling.

It’s not that ionization smell of circuits burning is it?

This is done very often! :rofl:

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I think the circuits is burning too. It made my ear smell like circuits burning. I am going to return it.

Thanks for input.