Soundcore life u2

My son bought me a soundcore life U2 for Christmas. I have tried and tried to connect it to my Ipod to no avail. The direction book that comes with it is so hard to read I have to use my husbands reading glasses to see it (I have 20/20 vision) and difficult to understand. I will never recommend this product based on that alone. Written out readable directions with the picture in a color that you can see without eye strain would be helpful. I thought maybe the unit was picking up my phone so I turned my phone off but my I pod still does not discover it. My Ipod picks up every discoverable bluetooth device BUT this. Wish I could take it back!!!

Use this link (better readable by using “string +”) :

Hope you can connect it better now

Try to reset the earbuds just in case something weird is going on:

  • Reset the headphones by holding down the Power button and Volume+ button together for 5 seconds while the headphones are charging.

If that doesn’t help iPod discover these, then you can email and they can certainly help you out. But before you do that, is the unit pairing with your phone? If it does, it could be your iPod’s issue (especially if your iPod doesn’t discover after U2 has been reset)