Soundcore Life U2 disconnecting

I’ve used the SoundBuds Life 24 hr battery for like 4 years, very happy bought it 3 times due to various problems. Once the x ray machine at an airport knocked out the bluetooth. But I’ve always loved it and wear it for 12 hours a day 5 days a week.

A month ago, my current one, the audio stopped working on the left bud so I went out to buy a new unit but only found the Soundcore Life U2, seemingly the same thing only more physically slim.

I noticed the battery lasted about half as long which is not a problem for me but a month in of wearing it every day it is having connection issues. I only have it connected to my Android phone, taking phone calls, listening to audio books. Worked perfects for 4 weeks and now it randomly disconnects. I could be in the middle of a phone call, answering a call and it’s just not connected.

Yesterday I made a call and it wasn’t connected and actually had to hold the phone to my ear. So after I got off the phone I tried to reconnect it, spent 45 minutes connecting and reconnecting. It would stay connected for a few seconds and cut out. Battery was full charge and even said so while it was connected. Today I tried it and it connected right away, had a 30 minutes phone call then went to make another call and it was disconnected. Have had to reconnect it to my phone 6 times so far today and right now not connected.

Is there something going on or do I just need to return these? This it’s not functional or usable as it stands if I need to connect every time I want to use it.

Try it here as well :

And dont forget to contact the support/service.
We here are only a few forumners who like to help.

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