Soundcore Life q30

q30 was unstable when used with Skype for Business and Google Home mini. Is this a known issue? Realised that soundcore drivers were dated 2006/2018 and may not be latest, but unable to install/update directly on office laptop due to ICT security policy. Is there a work-around, e.g. does soundsync help?

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Why are you not updating the firmware of the q30 with another device you have admin rights and can do what you want.

You could check the bt drivers installed on your office laptop.
I suppose you are using WIN,
If you see the WIN default bt drivers, you could ask your admin to change these to the drivers given by the bt card manufacturer,
This could help.

I think they mean the Windows BT device drivers old and cannot update. So seeking solutions which improves reliability which is not update BT drivers.

As it’s specific apps this is probably the headset Vs headphone device Windows issue where the headphones paired with Windows 10 and a phone and the flipping between modes leads to unstable. Solution would involve:

  • if not done already, connect to phone , install Soundcore app, perform firmware upgrade.
  • delete all pairings on all devices paired
  • turn off Bluetooth on all devices paired and leave off.
  • reset the Q30 via pressing the power and volume up button for 5 seconds
  • turn on just the laptop BT, pair with laptop
  • look for headset Vs headphone in audio devices (something like this, don’t have Windows)
  • do something I can’t remember, have to search.

Look for Windows 10 solutions which don’t say update drivers.


This suggests no solution it’s a limit of Windows

Try this

If we don’t know exactly what they are using, we can guess only.

May be such a soundsync could help out of the issue.

I had such one and it was working fine.
But I had no use for it so I donated it to a friend.

As you can tell the community (a lot on the soundcore community as well) have dealt with this all year long as audio devices have increased.

A lot of issues seem to be around pc BT drivers
with headset as @Chiquinho stated

Other things is to check to see if your connection give you options for call and audio. If you do just have the call on when on Skype.

You may want to check your setting on Skype as that has been issues too.

Appreciate all the advice. The problem seems to be solved with the q30 set as default input/output device for the Skype app. If necessary, will explore the soundsync. Thanks again

If you could do some screenshots or more of a guide it could help someone after you searching here. Now you have the unique advantage of having figured it out you are uniquely able to teach it to others.

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Hi, here are the steps/screenshot (Windows 10):

  1. Settings → System → Sound → Choose Q30 as default output/input device

  2. Click “Manage Sound Device” under Troubleshoot and disable all microphones (Input) except Q30

I’m having problems with my new Q30 when using the headset mode (Hands-Free AG Audio).

First, the audio is poor, with a clipping or pinging noise when others speak (not everybody, just people using certain mic devices–seems like speaker phone or laptop mics).

Second, the volume is so loud that I cannot tolerate much higher than 8 or 9 on the 100-point slider.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve done a hard reset on the headphones. I’ve unpaired and repaired BT. I’ve had my IT guy install updated BT drivers on my laptop. Still getting same problem.

When using the stereo driver to listen to music, it’s all good. Sound is fine when just using headphones mode instead of headset mode.

I’ve called tech support twice, and not satisfied yet.

There are threads about that (supposing you are using WIN)

May be you get satisfying answer.

This has nil to do with Soundcore, and is 100% the fault of Windows. You are using headset mode which is a lower bitrate.

You may get some joy with playing around in settings, the device and look for bitrate, but it’s an inherent problem with Windows all bluetooth devices suffer.

Is that the link you intended to paste? It does not take me to a thread on this topic.

It’s the soundcore community, go there not here!

Then search in there and find your answers, if none then create thread there.