Soundcore Life Q30 occasionally gets disconnecting from Samsung A8+ and Lenovo T460 laptop

I got my new Soundcore Life Q30 delivered 2 days back from Amazon.
All works fine, however, I observed occasionally it gets disconnecting from Samsung A8+ and Lenovo T460 laptop both randomly.

I tried to re-pair the headset couple of times from phone and laptop but still the same issue.
Headset firmware is updated and the battery is fully charged.

Is this something observed by anyone else?

One more thing I found is the serial number printed on the box pack and displayed on the sound core app is different, is this okay or this is a refurbished one?


Contact support.

So I have Android and not suffered this issue, so it is probably a dud unit and initiate a warranty replacement, but take it up with support, you need proof of purchase as well as S/N. Don’t put that info here. Don’t know why S/N don’t match, put both in your email to support with your Amazon order details, they’ll sort you out.

The only thing they may ask you to do not yet tried is delete pairings, turn off bluetooth, factory reset the headphones then re-pair.

Good luck.


So did you pair with just one device this PC or also with others?

With just the Q30

You can not connect the earphones to both devices simultaneously.
Delete the earphones from both and do a reconnection first to one than to the other device and see what is happening.

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Not entirely true. Q30 you can connect to two devices concurrently but if you connect to a newer bluetooth version first it cannot then connect to an older bluetooth version 2nd.

What can happen is the phone gets connected first, then won’t connect to laptop as most phones are bluetooth 5 and most laptops bluetooth 4.2.

Even if you do connect correctly to oldest first, say connect laptop then connect phone, as bluetooth has hiccups, disconnects, they can then try to connect in the reverse and so break. When that happens you experience either a crackle or a disconnect.

Best is to dedicate headphones to the laptop exclusively, never pair it with anything else like a phone to make it the most reliable. If you do want to swap between then disable the bluetooth of the other device you don’t want connecting accidentally.

As what I’ve written above is relatively complex, most people don’t understand the topic, the simplest reply is “reset the headphones” as that deletes the pairings so then when they try to use first what didn’t work, then it works, but then they go and pair it again with another device, the problem returns, the fault is not Soundcore’s but they get blames as “brand XXX works fine, returning Soundcore” when in reality the other device was an older bluetooth version and so the problem never happens. It’s not Soundcore’s fault.

Bluetooth is backwards compatible, not forwards compatible, so if you have different versions of bluetooth you have to connect to oldest version first. Most people don’t know what version they have.

Normally mobiles are always on, so this caused the problem.

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It is a subtle issue growing right now.

As people buy new Soundcore products, they are slowly increasing their bluetooth 5.0 audio products, migrating from their old 4.2.

Phones have embraced 5 faster than laptops.

So this issue is getting worse.

Add in the Covid work from home and more people are thinking they can use one audio product with two different eras of devices. I’m guessing this has come up a hundred times last months.

All we can do is delete new threads which overlap existing threads, and centralise the advice into fewest threads so the search engines find it. Eventually the fixes become easily found…

Hello - so 7 people gave an opinion, but is any ANKER/Soundcore employee around, who could fix the problem?

  1. Fastest is

  2. Soundcore Support do look here but usually slower than the above email

  3. Slowest is expect Soundcore support to read here, an Anker community. Soundcore made their own community to drive the brand and took support with it. You need to do one or both of the above.

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We are no employees here at all.
Try to write to the support, there you get in contact with the employees.

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Hello what did support say about the serial number issue ???