Soundcore Life Q30 ANC left ear cup noise

I have a brand new just taken out of the box Q30 headphones. I was impressed the first time I used it, but after awhile when I am doing music editing with it, I noticed a certain noise on my left ear cup each time the NC or ambiet mode is turned on. I know there is a certain type of microphone right on the center of the speaker that controls the NC. If I begin to massage that part, the crackling either stops or gets worst. Does anyone experience this as well?

I saw previoua threads of such issue experienced with the Q20 as well. I will be returning my Q30 for a replacement, but will Soundcore be able to find a way to finally get rid of this problem?

You could publish here as well :

I have the some problem. I bought both models and I found a strange background noise on the q30. It’s like a rustle or crackle especially when I listen to edm music. For some reason the sound quality is not as clear as the q20. I’m getting mad comparing few tracks and the problem persists. Soundcore suggested me some troubleshooting tips but nothing worked. Probably they sent me a defective item??

If it’s still under warranty, try to get a different pair or just get your money back

So “why Soundcore” is primarily about the excellent customer service. It forgives everything else (bad luck, bad unit, bad product etc)

I am on my 3rd Q30, the 1st unit I wasn’t sure if hardware fault, the 2nd worked on til 3 months old then left ear cup make squeeky feedback noise, I documented it all fully and within 24 hours they simply accepted a fault, sent me a replacement and I’m posting back the failed unit.

In terms of my effort spent, it was total of 5 mins in email and I’ll need to go to post office to return dud, but that’s the total effort, difficult to be any simpler. I do have experience of other Anker products failing and sometimes they said to keep the original as it was obviously not worth returning, that is still my preference as it’s even less effort.

Glad they took care of the issue for you :+1:

I’ve been very luck as none of my Anker items have been faulty.

A while ago I buy a car charger from Amazon and a few months later the unit failed, I emailed the company and a dar or so later they decided to send me another unit. It was easy and fast. When companies take care of their customers like that, I usually continue buying their products

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Hello everyone,

I was able to easily return my defective item to the seller. They tested and replaced it. The item is far better than previous.

Just an information to those who are experiencing this for the first time. I found out that this is a common problem with ANC headphones not specifically with Soundcore, but any brands. This is the reason why I am always considering old BT headphones without ANC since I do not need it that much anyway (many old flagship BT headsets are now cheap). I am just more for sound quality than an ANC feature, and a closed back headphone reduces much of the outside noise anyway.

An advice to those experiencing the crackling for the first time. Either it is a software update issue or a hardware issue. Resetting the headphones might resolve the problem. If not, it is definitely a hardware issue and needs replacing. I am glad the seller who sold this to me is very accommodating and replaced it upon checking it.

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Is the crackling everyone experiencing extremely loud? Mine started doing this today, and I had to rip them off my head to avoid hearing damage. I made a video here:

You should contact the support.
May be the headphones are defective.