SoundCore Life Q20 Review: Great set of headphones, with a couple shortcomings

These are an excellent set of headphones.

The build quality is solid, and I do not see any major flaws. The only thing I would have wished was to have a more solid folding mechanism for the headphones. Because sometimes when I try to fold up the headphones, the ear cups meet in such a way that it presses the buttons on the left earcup. But that is a very minor flaw, and it should not prevent anyone from buying the headphones.

The setup was super easy. All I had to do was, enable the Bluetooth on my phone. Then I put the headphones into pairing mode by holding the power button until the blue light started blinking fast, and selected the headphones which showed up on my phone’s Bluetooth list.

Onto the sound quality. I have gotten decent bass, mids and highs from the set. The noise cancellation works surprisingly well. Even when I don’t have any music playing, the noise cancellation works to minimize most of the outside noise, though it could be a bit smoother. When I have music playing, I do not hear a single noise from the outside. I also like the fact that they include an auxiliary cable in case you want to go wired for your listening experience.

In terms of accessories, the case that is included in the box is also very nice. Though I wish a hard case was included instead, but for the price it is okay.

The charging was also relatively quick, and I had no outliers in terms of charging time, meaning that it always charged within a reasonable amount of time.

Overall I would give these headphones a rating of 4.5 / 5. Definitely recommended for the $60 price, and an even better deal if you can get it under that with coupons, etc.


Great review @Adil_Lalani
I also have a set of these and really like them, almost use them daily.

Here’s my review if you’re interested.

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Good review… but a small advise… please include the Product Name for which you are writing review in the Post Title… this helps a lot for members looking for info on buying this product as well as in general!

If time permits - please edit and add the Life Q20 in the title :pray:t2::+1:t2:


Good point @Shenoy
It crazy the things the [my] brain doesn’t notice.
One of my shortcomings is skim reading, I only knew they were Q20’s as I have a pair.

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Thanks for your review, I have personally didn’t like then as expressed iij n my review. But glad you enjoy them.

@paulstevenewing it was your comment from which I came to know it was Life Q20, so thanks for that :+1:

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@Shenoy Thank you, fixed!

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Great review and photos

Thanks for sharing your experience! :relaxed:

Nice review, thanks for sharing :+1:

thank you @Adil_Lalani !

Great review and photos :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2: