Soundcore Life Q20 makes crackling noise while in ANC

I have been using the Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth headphones for about a month now and have noticed a big problem with them. I bought these headphones hoping to use them on long car rides and such thanks to their good ANC. However, when the car goes over bumps, such as on the highway, the headphones produce a loud brief crackling sound. This is very disorienting and bothersome. The headphones only do this when the ANC is enabled, I have no problems with them when it is turned off. Is there any way to fix this?

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Seems an odd thing to happen @Julian_Urban
Does this happen of you move the headphones sharply up and down?
Not that I guess you get air when going over bumps, but just incase its the shock.
I haven’t used mine in the car, but have while walking and jogging and never experienced such an issue.

If you have any concerns you could contact support for further help at
Alternatively speak to your retailer and see if you can try another pair.

Keep us updated with your progress.

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The issue only seems to happen when going over bumps on the road. Moving my head around or walking around doesn’t produce the issue. I will try contacting support and see what they can do.

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Hey @Julian_Urban
Very odd isn’t it?
Perhaps its something to do with the sound within the car when going over bumps and the ANC trying to counteract it.
Support normally has a 24-48 working hour turnaround.
Let us know the update.
All the best.

Hello, same here.
I have been using my Q20 for a week and I am going to my work with bus. Actually for this week i always turn ANC on and it worked perfect. Even i can sleep while riding to work. Bus uses always the same road but crackling started today. Even small bumps makes very loud crackling sound. It is so annoying and distracting. By the way yesterday i charged my Q20 first time. I hope it is just a coinsidence

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Another odd instance there @Huseyin_Emir_Can
I would recommend getting an exchange from wherever you purchased them from.
If they resist try contacting support on
Please let us know how you get on.

I have the same problem with my newly bought pair. Only on ANC too.

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I bought my pair through their main store on Amazon and had them for about a week and I have the same crackling noise issues as well. I only use these in my room for my computer but I do notice at times that the crackling noise happens when there is sudden movement. But I could be sitting still and still hear occasional crackling. This issue has gotten worse in the last two days where now I can’t listen to any song without hearing the crackling noise every 20-30 seconds.


Hi i have the same problem, just got mine off amazon about a week or so ago was all good until tonight where it started to crack and pop, i usually just use them on my laptop siting at home so not sure wat could have cause it?

I’m having the same issue - in my case I use them working from home in my home office.
However in my case the crackling happens when I chew, of all things… (i.e. my jaw and temple area is moving as I chew causing the noise) - I’ve also noticed it if I make a sudden movement as well, just shaking my head side to side and/or sitting down abruptly.

I had this happen with my first set when I would reach to take them off too quickly. Big staticky noise. Very disconcerting and unpleasant. Anker sent me a replacement pair which failed to take a charge. Third time has been the charm however. Just get in touch with customer service and get a replacement sent out.

I have the exact same issue , if I touch the headband while noise cancelling is on, it will make that very loud cracking noise . I just contacted Anker support team by email, let’s see how it goes

Anyone able to report if there’s a fix for this? I’ve had my Q20s for 6 months now… been dealing with this issue for the last few months. Didn’t realize it was so widespread.

I own two pairs of the Q20 the first one works perfectly and the second, newer one, makes this awful loud plopp, when I touch it anywhere or move my head in a wrong angle. I am in contact with Anker´s Support right now to find a solution. If there isn´t one, I still have time to return it to Amazon. I was so convinced by my first Q20 and now I regret buying a second one.

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Same is happening to me and I can’t stop it, and the noise is so constant and very very very annoying