Soundcore Life Q20 headphones volume fluctuations

I just purchased a pair of Soundcore Life Q20 headphones and when noise cancelation is turned on, the volume on more"complex" songs fluctuates very noticeably.
As an example, when I play Billy Taken - Devil On My Shoulder, the fluctuations are extreme.
It is far less noticeable on easier, more homogenous songs like most pop or hiphop songs, but the Billy Talent songs and many other rock songs show this behavior.

It disappears when I turn off NC.

Does anybody know a solution? I contacted support but so far only got one of those prewritten standard replies.

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Try resetting your headphones to see if it solves the issue. Also, the customer service reps seem to be stationed in China so you should get a response in a few hours or past midnight if you’re in US

Hi @baumannalex
I too found the ANC impacts the sound on then Q20’s.
I find it dulled/muffled the sound slightly.
To be fair, I have also experienced similar issue on Sony headphones I’ve tried.
I don’t use it now while listing to music, i use it when i need some peace and quiet and to shut the world out :sunglasses:

Hmm that’s odd because it doesn’t do that in Life 2 during ANC. It does lower the sound a bit but bumping the volume up or turning BassUp on does the job for me.

Love it thank for the valuable information…

The sound is lowered when activating ANC.
But that is not the effect i am taking about.

Does anybody have the song? If so, you will hear the ANC trying to normalize the volume and doing a poor job of it (on my set).
I will have mine replaced and hope it is not a programming error but just a buggy pair of headphones.

I managed to solve a very similar issue I had with my Soundcore Life Q20 headphones.

I noticed that in the Windows system tray (bottom right corner), in the “Select Playback Device” menu, I had those listed:

  • Soundcore Life Q20 Hands-Free AG Audio
  • Soundcore Life Q20 Stereo

The former was selected. I changed it to “Stereo” and the sound worked fine.
Hope it helps!

Any resolution to this? My q20s do the same thing

Okay, so I have an Android phone. I think it’s a Samsung 8? What I did was go into the sound settings and look at Dolby Atmos. It’s on auto. I then went down to the Equilizer and I started playing with all the levels and that seemed to fix the fluctuations. Mine was doing what OP and you described too–every 30 second to a minute, the sound fluctuated like it was trying to turn the volume down for 1 second, and that was only during ANC. I play rain sounds to drown out my horrid loud neighbors and so I actually usually have the rain sounds to filter them out and then I play the music on top when I need to concentrate and not hear phantom sounds (I have misophonia, so sometimes that happens) and this seems to have stopped the fluctuations. Go into your phone or computer sound settings and poke at the equilizer or the Dolby and see if that works for you too. Good luck. I know how you feel, this was irritating me too until I started poking at everything I could find until something worked.