Soundcore Life Q20 for Air Travel?

Does the Life Q20 have good enough ANC for long-haul flights on big-but-old airliners such as the Airbus A330? I wanna buy a pair of headphones that has ANC but I don’t wanna spend a lot of money, is it a good choice?

SoundCore Life Q20 is supposed to have a good ANC with 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm.

However you may refer to some reviews from our fellow community members here, here, here and here

You may see and read them to decide how these work for you.

For $59.99 (plus there is a $10 coupon available all the time on Amazon), this is a good deal for an ANC headset.

I haven’t used them but based on reviews on this forum, they are a good pair for air travel.

I bought them in part for that purpose, but I haven’t actually flown since I got them, so I can’t give you a great answer.

They do very well at blocking out road noise (while walking, not driving, don’t wear them while driving). And other general background noise. But the roar of a plane engine is a different level, and I haven’t tested that yet.

I bought them in December, but have yet to do a flight just yet. The few times I was in louder than normal scenarios I can say everything cancelled out very nicely and I am very happy and confident that flights will be a continuation on the good results.