Soundcore life q20 bluetooth connection issue

I got a new life q20 a month ago from First day, bluetooth paired but no sound. I thought maybe this issue about my computer that using realtek bluetooth 4.2 adapter and I checked it on my old pc that using realtek bluetooth 4.0 adapter and there was no bluetooth connection or sound issue everything was correct so i decided to wait a few week maybe this problem fixes. But 2 weeks later there was no fix or firmware update. I thought maybe it will work with my tplink usb bluetooth device and i connect it. But this time, momentary sound interruption issue is happened. I also have philips shb5900 bluetooth, and life q10 .I did not have such a problem in them. So i want to know this is cronic problem in life q20. If so, i am waiting support!

Seems you run WIN on your devices (PC).
Please check what kind of bt drivers are used.
Dont use those default drivers given by WIN.
Install those which are offered by the manufactures of your bt-adapters.

And tell us what is happening.

I am using hp offical drivers already. I also tried to connect on linux(ubuntu) and I got same problem.

Too bad I dont have those Q20.
I run LINUX as well, and its a little more tricky to connect.
All earbuds and earphones and speakers I got I could connect with LINUX.
There is another thread here, where a forumner was successful connecting.
You might search for it.

Sometimes it is connecting but no sound like this issue in link.

I suppose that Q20 are bt5.
When connecting bt5 devices to my old LINUX Laptop I have to do this twice.
But bt is down compatible,after a while they find together.
(Realtec 4.2 should be able to connect)

You could find more in details looking into the bt protocols.
And I am sure there is a lot more information at LINUX forums.
(I remember I had to add a command in the starting script but not on this Laptop I use in the moment)
Diagnosis from over the pond are more difficult! :smiley:

The headphones work with Pipewire on Linux.

For Ubuntu based distros, you can follow the instructions here:

It’s a good idea to add bluez5.msbc-support=true in /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/bluez-monitor.conf to enable SBC as otherwise the microphone quality is poor.