Soundcore Life Q20 Awesome for 60 bucks!

What I liked:

  • Price Point – $60.00 for a solid pair of Noise Cancelling headphones is a great price.
  • Battery Life: Rated at 40 hours of battery life.
  • Sound: This probably being the most important. The sound on these is really good. I’m not comparing them to the Sony or Bose Headphones of the world as that wouldn’t be fair since those brands cost so much more.
  • Noise Cancelling: Noise Cancelling built into this headphone does a pretty good job. Again, I’m not comparing to Sony or Bose.
  • Build Quality: These seem to be built well and I think they’ll last a while if taken care of. I do wish they came with a hard case.
  • Comfort: To me these are very light and comfortable.
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5 is always welcomed to reduce latency.

What I didn’t like:

  • BassUp Technology: I like that these offer more a more bass option with the BassUp technology however I felt that it was a bit much and overall made the mids and highs quite a bit muddied.
  • Charge Port: Micro USB……It’s time for everyone to use USB C.
  • Carrying Case: I do wish these had a hard-shell carry case.

Overall Experience:

  • Overall my felling on these is for $60.00 it’s a win. I would recommend these to anyone that needs a solid pair of headphones that sound nice. Great job Soundcore!


Great review @bob.rewkowski
I loved mine and agree with you on the Bass Up.
It didn’t make anything I listened to sound better, mostly worse I found.

Great review.

Sad they decided not to include a hard case. A lot of the cheaper brands out there still come with a case. Since I have the life 2 and don’t use them I could pull the case from them if I were to get a set of these.

great review. I about to the point to get for my son

Great review :muscle:t2:

Thanks your great review and lovely pictures!:hugs:

Great review and photos!