Soundcore Life Q10s do not properly connect to MacBook Pro

When pairing the Q10’s to my MacBook Pro or iMac, they will connect, not be recognized as a speaker, and then disconnect. I connect them again via Bluetooth settings, and they’ll finally connect with audio, but then half the time no mic. On the MacBook Pro, when the mic finally connects, gets recognized, and works, the headphones will immediately start buzzing through the speakers like there’s interference.

Is there any possibility of fixing this via firmware? Or do I just need to give up and find something else for my MBP?

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Did you find a solution to this?

I’m having the exact same issue with MBP (2015) and just contacted support. Hoping I get a solution to it as these headphones sound absolutely fantastic (when they work).

Any solution so far?

I’ve contacted support about this and they pretty much told me to return them because it’s a hardware compatibility issue. So that’s what I did. Going to give the Liberty Air or Pro 2 a try. Anker is such a solid company.

I have the exact same problem. I have a macbook, a soundcore q10 and I can’t use the mic in online meetings such as zoom, skype and bluejeans ! I love the device but I can’t use it in online meetings, which is a big part of our lives now.

The Q10 connects to the macbook with no problem, but whenever I launch zoom or Skype or bluejeans, the connection drops. Then I again connect it. If i use the mic, it gives a very high crackling sound. If I don’t use the mic and only use it as headphones, no problem. The only solution I found is using the computer’s mic for the mic and using the q10 as headphone.

So, is the problem only for macbook users? If yes, then it means this is a problem with macos / catalina. If not, it is a problem of anker.

Are the pc / windows users experiencing the same issues?

exactly the same issue here, just got the new headphones and they are working fine with my android phone but cannot pair with my macbook pro

Delete all existing pairings.

Turn the bluetooth off on your phone, MBP and anything else you’ve paired with.

Reset the Q10.

Turn on the bluetooth on your MBP, don’t turn on the bluetooth of anything else you’ve paired with.

Pair with your MBP.

It should now work with your MBP.

You can now turn on the bluetooth of other devices, but do not pair with them.

Thanks ! that did the trick! I was having an issue where my headphones Q20 would only work if I had a google meet/hangout opened.

Doing what you said helped me fix the issue!

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Good to know.

But what exactly worked. For future searchers…

Removing all Bluetooth pairings from MBP and also the Soundcore Bluetooth pairing on my cell phone.

I then turned off BT on MBP and turned it back on.
I made sure to leave the BT on my cellphone off while I paired it again to my MBP.

Now the headphones sound amazing on my MBP.

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I know I wrote the method but its really related to the Soundcore reset instructions don’t work, the reset doesn’t always work, doesn’t always delete pairings, so the workaround is to reset everything else so forcing the headphones into pairing mode as it can’t connect to what it last connected with.

Most Soundcore products are not intended to be connected to more than one device so if the reset isnt working properly then that’s the cause of the symptoms. Even the one Soundcore product which is intend to connect to two things is fiddly when different versions of Bluetooth involved.

I wish Soundcore support would step up their own efforts…