Soundcore Life Q10-Windows-10-Unknown Device

My pair of Soundcore Life Q10 usually works excellently. Last night, though, I was watching a video when the sound squelched out and became garbled. I’ve encountered this before and it is usually a Bluetooth connection issue. I power-cycled the headphones with no result. I restarted my computer with no result. In the Bluetooth settings, I unpaired the Q10, and this is where the real troubles began.
I have been unable to re-pair the Q10 to Windows 10. I put the headphones into pairing mode, have the computer seek devices and after a wait it will see an Unknown Device. If I try to connect to that, I will get a message saying “Please try connecting again”. After sometime, the visible device there will vanish and it will not offer any options to reconnect until I cancel the computer’s seeking and try it again with the same results. While the Unknown Device is attempting to connect, the Q10 does show up under Bluetooth Devices in the Device Manager, and will remain as a hidden device until I uninstall it. I have also tried stopping and restarting the Bluetooth Service in Windows, with not noticeable result.

I am able to connect two other pairs of headphones (Avantree Audition and MPOW Cheetah) connect and pair with Windows 10 with no problems. My pair of VR controllers that connect via Bluetooth also connect with no issue. So it does not seem to be a Bluetooth hardware issue.

I was able to easily pair the Q10 to my Pixel 4 XL with no problem, so it seems that the headphones are working and communicating correctly.

I suspect the problem is a driver issue somewhere, but I’m finding little help on this matter online.

Make sure you are not using the default bt driver given by MS.
Install instead the one which is is given by the bt card manufacturerconnect

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Yup. Bluetooth driver already is the one from Qualcomm. Though if it were a BT driver issue, it would have likely affected the two other pair of headphones and the controllers that can connect via Bluetooth. The main issue is that Windows 10 will no longer see the Q10 as what it is. Instead it only sees it as an unknown device.

Okay, this can now be marked as solved and the topic closed.

I went back into Windows’ Bluetooth settings, scrolled ALL the way down to the bottom of the devices and saw the Q10 listed under “Other Devices”. I unpaired and removed that entry and then re-paired the headphones and this time it recognized it as an audio headset.

Thank you Chiquinho for your response. While it wasn’t the solution, it is always good advice and I appreciate you took the time to respond to my question.

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You know any diagnosis from “very far away” is more than difficult!
Enjoy the earbuds, your music and your Sunday!