Soundcore Life P2 spotty audio & problems with connection


Three days ago I bought from Amazon a new pair of Soundcore Life P2 wireless earbuds in order to listen to music and make calls on my Android phone, and I have experienced problems since the first day I bought them. First of all, every single time I either unlock the phone, open an app or start to write a text message while I am listening to music or making a call the audio completely goes out for a couple seconds (I had various wireless earbuds in the past but this is the first time this happens). I tought it was a problem linked to my phone but if I change the type of earphones that I am using everything goes back to normal and this doesn’t happen anymore. Today the audio was cutting out so frequently while I was using my phone it became almost unbearable, and even when I was alone in my house with no other devices near it kept on doing that, sometimes even if I was just playing music and leaving the phone alone. I tried to reset them doing the basic procedure written in the instruction leaflet and now they won’t connect at all even if all the lights on the earphones work as usual

Since you already tried resetting, I would say try connecting to other devices and see if it still happens. Also forget Life P2 from your phone and try re-pairing them.

If all this fails you’ll have to contact Soundcore at since your earbuds might be faulty out the box and will have to be exchanged.