Soundcore Life P2 pairing questiom

I just got my Anker Soundcore Life P2. when i paired it with my android phone, i see two connections (Soundcore Life P2 & Soundcore Life P2-L).

however, when i paired it with my macbook, i see Soundcore Life P2 connected while Soundcore Life P2-L is never connected.

here are my questions

  1. why do i see TWO connections for my android phone instead of one?
  2. if i am supposed to have TWO connections, why my macbook can not connect to Soundcore Life P2-L?

It shows as two connections on your phone because your phone has bluetooth 5.0 and can support multiple connections, where as your computer most likely is BT 4.x and does not support dual audio.

Also its because each earbud can be used individually when paired to your phone. When using both earbuds and you want to switch to mono mode you can do so by putting 1 back into the case without issues and the other still plays

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Hi Tank, do you know if there is a way to have one of the buds paired to my phone, while the other one is paired with my laptop? I know anker doesn’t have multi point earbuds yet, and I desperately want to have this dual capability.