Soundcore life p2-only have left earbud & lost right earbud

hello new to the forum. I wanted to know if you can still pair and connect earbud to phone, because I only have the left earbud and I unfortunately lost the right earbud. I would like to still use even if only 1 because I’ve tried resetting and removing from phones bluetooth list and haven’t had any luck. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated

From my understanding, you can still connect the left earbud with your phone. It should say “-L” in your bluetooth list

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That is correct. You can still use a single earbud with your case.

If you don’t feel like this is a long-term option, I would be interested in purchasing your case.

In my case, I lost my case and can’t charge my earbuds ^^

I ended up getting some other new ones, if your still interesed I sell you the case if you want
Am located in Los Angeles what about you ?
Dm me

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