Soundcore Life P2-L

I assume that the Soundcore Life P2-L is the aptx side of things. Is there a way to turn this on and off at will? I ask as I have device that do support aptx, but I still get audio lag. Gaming in particular. As an example, I use the Genki audio adapter for my switch and the lag is VERY noticeable. I haven’t been able to find too much about this around google or even here.

Any constructive help would be appreciated greatly!

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Life ps-l is just the connection to the left earbud, it shows up and connects in bluetooth so you can seamlessly pair and connect to either earbud. Take one out and put it into the case and you can still seamlessly listen to music or whatever you choose with the other earbud still connected.

Btw, audio lag is the biggest complaint about using the audio adapter you have as per a quick google search

Thanks for the response.

Is there anyway to swtich over to aptx manually?

On a cell phone sure, but on the switch? I have no idea

Apologies, i’m asking the wrong question. Can you tell the earbuds to go into aptx mode despite the device you’re using. I guess I’m looking for a manual engagement of the aptx mode.

On a cell phone you can put these into apts mode, but other than that I do not know how to force it I to that mode

How do you force it into aptx on a phone?

On android it’s in developer options, you can force whichever codec if its supported