Soundcore Life P2 Issues

Hi! I’ve been using my soundcore Life P2 earphones daily since I bought them a few months ago.
Yesterday I noticed that the right earbud is significantly quieter, and as such I can hardly hear what I’m listening to while at work, does anyone know how to fix this?

I have tried hard resetting them, cleaning them, forgetting them on bluetooth, reconnecting, charging overnight, I’ve activated mono audio and I checked the audio balance is equal from left the right.

Cleaning them really really good will help significantly, a qtip with hydrogen peroxide works best as it not only breaks up earwax but also dissolves it. What happens is as you wear the earbuds heat is trapped between your ear and the buds and your earwax liquefies, this then works its way past the mesh screen and hardens as it has nowhere to go and blocks the sound.

Alternatively you can carefully remove the metal screen and clean them out, but you risk voiding your warranty that way. But personally its the easiest way to clean them and restore performance


Good tip, @Tank! @Katy_MacLeod, if you still have issues, feel free to reach out to for further assistance.

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Wonder what Amazon renewed earbuds cleaned in?

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