🎧 Soundcore Life P2 by Anker - how bad or good are budget headphones? Let`s find out!

Hi Soundcore fans!

I am coming from Anker Soundbuds Slim+ and I picked mysefl a Life P2s!

If you are interested in my video unboxing + initial spec review and expectation, take a look here:

Here, some pics of the Soundcore Life P2s:

My video was is an unboxing video as I just got my Life P2`s yesterday and directly shot it! I am using them all day already, will probably do a full review.

But because this is a very valid question liberty air vs Life P2, let me try to share some feedback here, perhaps it is useful.

Also, have in mind they just release Liberty Air 2 (but only in US for now??!) for 99.99 USD - they are currently sold on best buy… there is already a CNET review on them… but back to LIfe P2.

So guys, I am sharing my initial 1 full day usage (and night :slight_smile: of Soundcore Life P2, exclusive here, hope that helps.

Initial Overview

Seems like a nice product, though charging case does not close with magnet, but the earbuds do have a magnet connection with the charger. They have a rather sturdy, and firm build quality, dont look and feel cheap. I bought them for 45 EUR from a guy who bought them from the UK, but they are 59.99 USD.

Charge is with USB C - which is pretty cool.

Sound Quality & connectivity

WOW. Blew my mind. Why? Are they so good? Not sure, but really expected something worse. I came from Jabra Elite 45E which are meant to be rather mediocre in terms of sound reproduction but I do like the sound a lot.

So Life P2 get`s really a thumbs up from me on sound quality! But bear in mind, that is subjective. What I can say is overall bass reproduction quite ok, Mids and Highs are also displayed well, no muffling and overtaking. I guess more specific tests should be made, but what is important, they do sound OK and perhaps BETTER than OK for the average consumer.

Also - very important - APTX - no lags in YouTube, HBO GO, streaming music from Spotify/Deezer and Mixcloud is just a pleasure. Tested all of that - sound quality w/o hiccups


You know they do only come with a knob which can be used to select next/previous track defendant on which earbud you press. The knob is to be pressed, no touch sensitivity. People usually complain that there is no way to control volume via the earbuds but you need to use your phone and that is right … and wrong.

Wrong, because when you press the button of either bud for a longer you can tell google assistant to lower the volume, or set it to 50% or whatever, so technically this is the work arround if you don`t want to pull out your device:)

Call Quality

That is the most important thing for me as I do take a lot of calls work related… .and often am in noisy areas. Unfortunately as I kind of hinted in my video… I was not putting a lot of hope in the cVc 8.0 noise cancellation as this is only PNC (Passive Noise Cancellation) and does filter some of the unwanted frequencies but is not even close to what ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) does.

Sadly my fear was confirmed. Tested in my car with the radio on - the call on the other end - at some points was struggling to understand my voice. For the record - I am using OnePlus 7 Pro, the caller OnePlus 7.

Now when using VoLTE on my OnePlus 7 Pro and calling somebody on the same carrier with VoLTE - the call quality is far better.

Still if you are outside and there is wind, sometimes my callers reported to not been able to hear and understand me at all.

I was also carrying the Jabra Elite 45e which also has PNC, but delivers a better job. For the record the Jabra is not truly wireless hence he mic is in a closer position to my mouth.

Here we have 2 mics on each bud, so 4 all together, and yes, they are good enough for doing calls in quite environments up to medium loud. When it gets really busy, like outside of the street with cars passing and many people speaking - your callers will have hard time to understand you.

Something I am missing from Jabra, they do not have the option to allow you to listen to your own voice when in calls, but clearly Jabra are oriented more towards heavy callers.


Actually, I am quite impressed. I am using them with the provided tips, and in the box there are 4 more different sized tips! The best thing is that the one it came, are so tight, that when I do wear them, I can hardly hear anybody talking to me, which is a very good noise isolation :slight_smile:

And this helps also with sound, there is not a big leak, so when people are talking heavily around you, you do not need to put the volume up.

The charging case is not big but not small, so I had to leave it in my car, but then … you dont have somewhere to put the buds, so ideally you need to take it.


For this one day I am even not close of testing this, clearly the battery is a monster and the 40 hours top op from the charger will be sufficient for me for a whole week I suppose.


As said, each bud has a knob you should press for track forward, pause, take call, reject and etc, common functions. The thing is that when you do push the knob, the tip gets really into your ear, so I had to hold them with my finger when pushing to prevent that from happening. Not very convenient but once you used to it - it `s perfect.

So controls - nothing special - limited - but still - core functions are there + you can use voice assistant to perform additional tweaks. No touch as said.

Mono/Stereo Mode

I love that. You can just take one bud and use it as a headset, or even when listen to music, you can give the other bud to your friend. That`s nice.

Water resistant

Did not test that yet


Overall I am very happy with the buds. I am trying to buy Liberty Air 2, they seem to do even a better job on the passive noice cancellation - though I am rather not convinced about that, but the CNET reporter said that his callers were able to clearly pick his lines when he was in a bust street, not bad.

But back to Life P2 - they are good. If you are not putting everything on call quality, they will do the job, even better than average.

Guys, hope that helps. Ask me anything, I am continuing my tests. Will probably shoot a video with my final verdict.

P. S. They are not supported in the Soundcore app. Yet? We will see.


Excellent review, and excellent photos! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Sadly, I don’t think this will ever be supported by soundcore app.

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:frowning: Have the same feeling. It`s probably subpar class? BTW - right now I am mega hyped about Liberty Air 2!

Sadly, only available in the US for 99.99$.

The Noise Cancellation is the same 8.0 cVc, but it has:

HearID technology

Take the test to create a custom set of EQ settings that are optimized for your ears. HearID maps your hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes the results to give you a truly personalized listening experience.

Let`s hope it will hit Europe soon.

P.S. Still amazed with music reproduction on the Life P2s! Just amazing, stereo separation is very nice, now I am testing 70s, 80s, black sabbath/etc, I am comparing the sound via lossless file on AKG K271, and what can I say, the Life P2s earn every cent!

The liberty air 2 also have better drivers- diamond coated to be exact.

Thanks for your review, and just so you know if your set your phone up for it you do not have to press and hold any button to s uh non google. All you have to do is say hey google, and it keys it up. That’s how I have my phone setup, so when I’m at work I can be truly hands free

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very very detailed review… best ever. thanks for sharing.

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The diamond coated drivers are only good for more bass and mids, doesnt account for overall better sound. And the P2 does good on its own in terms if bass response, definitely better than the original Liberty Air and even the Neos.

Thanks Tank!

I have disabled that, because I have a Google Mini at my desk, so everytime i say this, phone and google mini will trigger and at the end I disabled the phone :slight_smile:

Btw - I am really astonished from the sound. A friend ordered TRN V90 - thats a chineese brand, model should be superior for 30-35 $, but wired, will try to test Life P2 with that, thought... its not really fair.

Pitty it did not have APTx HD and some custom Sound EQ support, but everything else is top!

True… damn, they d be good for sure, you checked the CNET review?

Also here - complete specs from … best buy:))


Excellent, top class review :+1: :ok_hand:

Great photos!!

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Yeah I saw the CNET review.

I have the liberty air (original) and love them.

I have the liberty 2 pro on the way. If I weren’t getting those, I would definitely be getting The air 2s.

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True that! I saw somebody saying that Life P2 > Libery Air but Libery Air > Life P2

Btw, I am only disappointed with call quality - with 2 mics in each bud and cVc 8.0 and PNC I expected better result.

BTW - that`s important I will put it in the review - when VoIP is used, viber/messenger, whatever or even regular call but VoLTE (again trough 4g/LTE) - the sound quality and noise cancelling are far better then just regular call - mobile.

Wondering - do they issue firmware updates? I got some on my Jabra Elite 45e? Maybe with time it can be fine tuned…

I liked them just by the specs and design.

But android police are saying “Poor microphone quality for calls”… :frowning:

Will wait for YOUR review and real hands on!

@Tank has his already so he can probably give his opinion now. I’ll definitely let you know when I get them.

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I have the Liberty 2 pro, call quality so far has been great for me. I haven’t had a phone call yet using the Life P2, but most likely will make a few calls tomorrow using it and will report back.
I will try to get both reviews done this weekend by Sunday. I work overnights so it’s time to get ready for work, l8terz

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Indeed, I have the Liberty +, the original Liberty Air, the liberty Neo, the Liberty P2 Pro, and now the Life P2

Wow amazing review! Also great pictures and video! :clap:

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Sound quality is damn amazing.

I am listening all varieties of music, streaming, did not bother with lossy, lossless, but from rock/metal/hard rock/jazz/psy/techno/tech trance, it all sounds great.

I am really very pleased, but I always say, it’s subjective. But one thing is clear. Life P2 performs quite will and is rather from the “nice sounding buds” category.

Sometimes I forget I am with earbuds, sounds is lound, crisp, clear, like you are with full closed big headphones.

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Great review @velqn

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Thanks for the in-depth review @velqn …yet another set on my to purchase list at some stage :grin:

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