Soundcore Life P2 Bluetooth sound cuts?

I just got a pair of Life P2 earphones and although they have been playing relatively well when I’m sitting at my desk at home, I took them out for a walk today and in a period of 30 minutes I experienced 5 sound skip events where the sound stopped for less than a second.

I was playing music locally from my memory card from a phone I’ve used many times before with other headphones (wired and wireless alike) and never experienced anything of the sort.

I tried unpairing the device and pairing again, even enabling/disabling AAC for HD audio. The phone is about 50 cms away from my ears at all times.

Could these be defective?


This is often common when using Bluetooth outdoors as there are many more interferences than when indoors. These interferences can cause similar issues to what you described, one way that can help remedy this is to do a factory reset of the earbuds as well as delete the BT profile from your phone and re-pair it to your phone after the reset

Thanks! I’ll try that today for sure.

This is probably the act of moving causing static electricity which is radiating radio.

As the effect is to the inverse of the square of distance, look for what clothing may be sparking, typically a polyester material, in the vicinity of the head or the phone.

If you’re not convinced, shuffle your feet on a polyester carpet with the phone nearby and see if you can repeat the problem.

Is it cold dry where you were today? Dry air makes static worse.

If you love polyester clothing, use a fabric softener. At this point I’ll stop as its risks being an infomercial. Did I mention I have smooth soft skin? I use…

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Try resetting it

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