Soundcore Life Note Review

I’ve been using the Soundcore Life Note for a month now.
The product sounds nice and it’s quality is perfect.
I’ve only encountered two problems:
1- No app support for Soundcore Life Note
I have tried to look all around the Soundcore app but I could find the Soundcore Life Note

2- Little information
I’ve searched across the internet to find little information about the product, I could barely find it anywhere other than the official website, which leads to little to no help with glitches/bugs.

3- only the left one works
Yesterday, I connected to the left earbud because I couldn’t find the right one, now I only can use the left one, the right earbud doesn’t connect even though I found it, please help me with this one!

I would do a reset first, then delete the earbuds from the bt-list of your device and reconnect again.

I’ll recommend you to also check out the Soundcore community