Soundcore Life NC Review

I’d like to take you on a journey of these beautiful earphones.
For context, I have the Anker Soundbuds Life and Soundcore Spirit X. I will be comparing the new NC to the Life ones.

WOW. I am actually speechless. The difference between the Life NC and the Life is night and day, Black and white. Although, these headphones did not save my life. They might have changed it forever!

First impression was good, another new packaging design. It’s premium packaging with the usual suspects: Manual, happy card, usb cable, extra ear tips. What’s new and different is the 3.5mm aux cable and uber premium carrying case with internal pouch for cable storage.

Now for those who have read this far, I’m going to reward you with some photographs :slight_smile:

Tonight I listened to some EDM. Skrillex, Calvin Harris and some Galantis. The sound was incredible. Great bass that was impactful and thoughtful not cheasy or over the top. The highs were clear and precise. Lows were deep and powerful.

Walking around the house, dancing and doing some chores was a breeze, I hardly noticed these were in my ears or around my neck. I am so impressed with these. The noise canceling worked well, I had the laundry machine on, dishwasher and the sink running all at the same time and I could hardly notice. Maybe because I was raging too hard.

I didn’t use them for a phone call or anything quite yet, or in a public environment for the ANC or Transparency modes. Will do more testing on that.

I hope you enjoyed my review on the Soundcore Life NC earphones. I was lucky enough to test for free, but I would happily pay $99.00 retail for these. I am really looking forward to the over the ear ones next!

Let me know if you have any questions!



Yes! I love the fact that you put the pictures in a link so you actually have to read the review to see the pictures! All the one I feel like people just look at reviews to see pictures :grin:. Nice reveiw still :+1:

Thanks mate. Much easier and faster to use Imgur. Easier to share on other platforms too.

Thanks for note!

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Yeah Imgur is way nicer and faster. I like that you can select all the photos at once.

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It’s good to know that the neckband doesn’t really interfere with anything. I main concern when I look at these kind of earbuds is how that neckband would hang on, would it just move around annoying the crap out of me or just stay there perfectly no matter what I’m doing (except of course playing sports :joy:). Great review and great picture comparisons!

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Great review buddy. I’ve heard and seen a ton of positive reviews for these!


The great reviews keep on coming, good job @Quinn_Armstrong :thumbsup:


Good review. Just a suggestion…Imgur is not accessible from my work network.
I know its an isolated issue with me but there may be other readers as well.
It will be best to put pictures in your review.


Nice review!


I like the way pictures are in separate page, but it make sense to view them in same page as I read your review.
Overall nice review. :thumbsup:

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