Soundcore life a1

Currently have the life a1 headset and the issue I’m having is the case itself can be fully charged but the next day it’ll need a complete charge again. Seems like the headphones are draining the case or something. Never had this issue with any other anker product does anyone have a answer to this peoblem?

I would try a reset of the earbuds/ćhargingcase and take a look if the problem still remains.
If so you should contact the support.

Probably could be an issue or not. Support can let you buy a new case if needed.

The 3 dots are showing a percentage from like 70 to 100. So if you are seeing the 3 dots and if it is like at that 70 mark and then you place the earbuds in them to be charged after a full usage of the buds. I could see a potential that the case is losing charge. Make sure that the case has gotten fully charged