Soundcore LIFE A1 - Left earbud wont play sound

Hello. I got my new Soundcore Life A1 today as a present.
I paired it with my phone, and everything worked correctly. Later today, when I tried to play music, my left earbud played no sound at all. It is connected from what I can tell, because I can change EQ for eg. by clicking my left earbud. It only wont play any sound - I tried to reset them/turn them on/off, I tried to switch devices (my other phone and notebook) and still no sound with the left earbud.
I don’t know what else to do, is it possible to fix this issue at all?
Thank you

If others dont have any solution of you issue (Sorry I dont own these earbuds)
You could contact the support.
Btw : are the earbuds fully charged?

Here are some potential solutions as well.

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walgreenslistens Wrote:

Thanks for update and quick reply, i found lots of helpful information here, Thanks a lot.