Soundcore Life A1 battery life - short?


I have the Soundcore Life A1 earbuds. These ones:

They are advertised as having 9 hrs of battery life and 35 hrs in total if you use the charging case. Technically they frame it as the charging case can recharge the earbuds three times.

I use them for about an hour at a time before putting them back in the case, so I am not fully discharging and then charging.

Used this way, I get about 14 ‘recharges’ before the case needs to be recharged. So in total, this is approx 14 hours. Not 35 hours.

Is this normal? It’s not bad, but it’s not what is advertised and I wonder if this is normal, or whether I have a faulty product.

I wondered if it could be because I am not fully discharging before recharging, and this affects the efficiency of the recharging case.

Many thanks!

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hmm while I am no expert on batteries at all I will say getting that much less than advertised seems peculiar. The battery also can drain a little over time from not being used, but again I don’t think this would lead to the drastic change you are experiencing. I would probably reach out to support and see what they have to say Also I would wait and see if other have a better answer than I do.

I use the biggest rubber earbud wraps (earwings), these will not allow the earbuds to make full contact in the charging-case, thus I have to take off the rubber earbud wrap (earwing) on both earbuds before placing in the charge case.
Then, they make full contact and charge and last a long time.

Have you tried this? Hope this helps, if you haven’t tried yet :slight_smile:

Maybe how loud the music is plays a factor in it