Soundcore life 2 over ear headphones only $59.99

On amazon the SoundCore Life 2 is $15 off! Plus an additional $5 with the coupon, making it $59.99 $20 off the original price!


Enhanced Comfort
Memory foam headband and earcups ensure Life 2 sits comfortably in position.

Play for Longer
30 hours of non-stop music in wireless noise cancelling mode is extended to 60 hours by plugging in the AUX cable.

BassUp Mode
For an intense hit of bass, double click the play button to enter BassUp mode.

cVc Noise Cancellation
Eliminates ambient noise for a crystal-clear call experience.

Dual Listening
Use Bluetooth or the included AUX cable to listen to your music.

Travel Case
Fold up Life 2 and store securely in the hard-shell case.

Hi-Res Audio
Life 2’s drivers reproduce sound ultra-efficiently to eliminate distortion and enhance clarity for sound with greater accuracy and details. From the intense low end, to smooth mids, and precise high notes, Life 2 offers an authentic and rich listening experience.

No Distractions
Active Noise Cancellation effectively block out and reduce ambient noises for a purer music experience.

Turn the BassUp
For a big hit of bass, double-click the play button to activate BassUp mode. Our exclusive technology applies real-time enhancements to your music for stronger, more intense low frequencies.

Music Marathon
30 hours of continuous playtime in wireless ANC mode can be extended to a huge 60 hours when listening wired. In wired mode with ANC deactivated, playtime is unlimited.

Maximum Comfort
The adjustable padded headband and memory-foam ear cushions with a seriously soft protein leather covering are both durable and comfortable. The adjustable headband also ensures Life 2 is suitable for all head shapes and sizes.

Clear Calls
The built-in microphone with cVc Noise Cancellation technology enhances call quality and suppresses ambient noises to ensure you can be heard loud and clear.

Built for Daily Life
Life 2’s foldable frame allows you to flatten the headphones for storage in the hard-shell travel case. Keep your headphones safe and secure when not in use.

What You Get: Life 2, AUX cable, Micro USB cable, travel case, our friendly customer support.

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I think this has been down to $44.99 once on amazon

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Was it around the time they released these? Because I haven’t seen them that low on amazon

Yes that’s right