SoundCore Life 2 NC Not Working

I got a SoundCore Life 2 NC, it works perfectly fine with my iPhone Xr, but when I try connecting it to my HP laptop, it connects for about a second- then shuts off, with a bit of static sounding noise. Any way I can fix this?

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Try to reset the headphones so that they are connected just to the pc.

If the use the app, I would update that first and then reset to the pc

Over at soundcore community a lot of headphones have issues with Bluetooth drivers needing updated on the pc.

If you are trying to use with teams, most of the earbuds and BT headphones struggle… as @Duane_Lester mentioned, there are quite a few articles over on the soundcore community that may be helpful depending on your use / needs.

Is it the same which you won in the event?

Sorry, I don’t know what event you are talking about.

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Thank you, could you guide me to the soundcore community?

The community is But in this case if resetting didn’t work, then email customer support at They should email you back on Monday or some time early in the week

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