Soundcore life 2 ... mystery box 2018

Woohoo, the post man has been, and look what he brought me…

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

1, the box that jumped out… WoW

2, ooo, looks good

3, even more stuff… POWERCORE 5000 powerbank, 4ft audio lead (3.5 stereo jack), 3ft red micro-usb POWERLINE+, and a weird double jack thing, with an input/output. The LIFE 2 case


5 close up

Thank you so much @AnkerOfficial


Glad to see you get one arriving safe and sound this time :ok_hand:

Looks like some of your pics have got lost instead…during in upload :laughing:


I was still editing… Done now… I think


Yep there now up.

Headphones certainly looks sweet…plus the ear-pads look like they have a bit more real estate and cushioning compared to the Vortex…another toys to mess with :grin:


Still waiting.
But as we are here lost in snow, the delivery might be delayed.

This is view in our garden.

Hope the branches will keeping up.

And this is the car of my neighbour.
May be he will find it in summer agian :slight_smile:


Nice looking bit of kit there! Well done on your win.

The double jack thingymajig looks like a plane adapter to me?

Looks like they have an awesome 30 hour battery life - wow!

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Did you look beneath the snow, fhassm ? You have to remove all the snow to find the box …


Mine’s coming tomorrow :slight_smile:

I will try and dig! :joy:

If you don’t hear from me any more, I will be lost in a heap of snow.!!! :sweat:

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That’s a nice gift box! Enjoy! And tell us about the sound experience on those babies!

I believe it’s an airplane jack adapter - though the last time I flew the airplane was just using a common headphone jack.

Looks great… enjoy your gifts guys… please let us know how they sound. If any one of you has vortex or space Nc, please post a review showing the comparison, if possible. :thumbsup:


I will do that . I have Vortex and Space NC both. Having some smell issues with Space NC but will try to do a comparison.

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@kumar.sachin awesome man… That would be perfect. I have a question for you regarding the smell issue but will post in the relevant thread :slight_smile:


And do not care about the smell when doing a comparison. :wink:

I told you the smell of the FLARE disappeared after a while.
May be as you stored it in that box the smell got caught,

I was afraid that the ZERO having a similar coating would be smelling as bad as the FLARE did.
a miracle : Did not: Improvements! :smiley:

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I have tested Space NC to great extent in past so it won’t be a problem :slight_smile:
I can always wear a gas mask :mask:


You might wear a gas mask. BUT the others around you.
Or you will be going to be an hermit soon…

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That’s awesome! I’m so glad you got a prize @amangons , especially such a sweet one. So the package contained a 5k mAh powercore and a powerline +? That’s a sweet deal! Was this for the New year gift box?

I dont know for certain, as waiting for official word back from @AnkerOfficial

For those who are flush enough, you can buy the package on Amazon… Soundcore life 2 gift box.

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Got a message now, that these “life 2” has been shipped.
As usual the Germans are the latest getting informations! :joy:
So we are “brothers in arms” as usual.


Not the last😢