Soundcore Life 2 Headphones Helped My Son Make it Through Aquaman in Theaters

##Soundcore Life 2 - Review

I’ve had these headphones for about 2 months now and absolutely love them for so many reasons. I’ll explain at the end how they helped my son.

This is my first pair of true noise cancelling headphones. I’ve actually only tested out ones that my friends have, but haven’t truly been able to just chill out and enjoy some good music with a pair of my own.

The sound quality on these is fantastic! I’m no audiophile, but I do enjoy good sounding audio. The rich bass and crisp, clear audio from these is great! I mainly use them for music, but I’ve also plugged them right into my Nintendo Switch and streamed some YouTube from my phone. They boast “40 mm drivers to reproduce distortion-free music with enhanced clarity, accuracy, and detail” and they support hi-res audio! (borrowed that line from: Life P2, True Wireless Earbuds- soundcore US)

Video games and movies: There doesn’t seem to be any sort of lag from what I could tell. Quiet moments and large explosions are all balanced out nicely and I feel more immersed in the content since the outside world is blocked out.

How well does it cancel out noise? On a scale from 0 to 10 (0 being the equivalent to hearing everything around and 10, where you can’t hear a thing), I’d probably rate these at 7.5-9. Where there’s silence in the content I’m listening to, I can still make out what’s happening around me, but it’s not distracting. When there is any sort of audio playing through them, it’s very, very difficult to hear anything from the outside world.

They are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time as well. The headband is padded and the ear cups have a soft protein leather covered memory-foam. It’s like two clouds gently resting on your ears.

Check out this fun fact! The battery lasts for 30 hours of continuous playtime when going wireless and 60 hours when wired! WHAT?! I truly cannot tell you how accurate that is. Mine went dead after they sat for a couple weeks of not being used over Christmas, but they charged back up quickly. I’m only on my second charge since getting them, but I’m also not using them ALL the time.

I was fortunate enough to get the Life 2 Gift Set that came with a bunch of amazing stuff! We’re finally taking our honeymoon in March after over 7 years of being married. I can’t wait to take these on the plane with me! The gift set came with everything I need to travel with. I’ll just copy and past the Amazon description: “Gift Set: This limited edition gift set combines Life 2 over-ear headphones with exclusive Anker accessories. Charge on the go with a PowerCore 5000 and PowerLine+ Micro USB cable or use the Premium AUX cable and airplane adaptor to listen to music in wired mode while you travel.” That’s a lot of stuff, right?! Check out the photos below of the box contents.

So, now you’re probably wondering how on earth these helped my son make it through Aquaman. He’s 7, and for awhile we thought he may be autistic and on the spectrum. He was later diagnosed with SPD, which is Sensory Processing Disorder. His main SPD speciality is touch. He loves the feel of things and loves to chew on things, especially LEGOs. However, sound plays a big role in his life as well. Anything too loud causes so much pain to this amazing little kid. We went to see Aquaman at the IMAX and they had the volume cranked up past 11! It was at a 15 and was even too loud for me at times. There are a lot of action scenes in that movie, so you don’t get too much of a break from the silence. I looked over at him in the beginning and he was hunched over shaking. I thought he was going to vomit. Turns out the sound was causing him that much pain. I opted to miss the first 20 minutes of the movie to run home and grab my Soundcore Life 2 headphones for him. When I made it back, I powered them on and put them on his head. It worked! The noise cancelling functions as well as the soft ear cups did miracles for him! He was happy again and would take them off and put them back on as needed. He was able to make it though the rest of the movie pain-free and living for every single superhero moment that happened! These headphones will be coming with us to all the movies we see in the future. Whether he needs them or not, I’m glad to know that I’ll have something on hand that will help him should he need it.

I’m a fan of these and look forward to continued use I’ll get from them!

P.S. Aquaman is B.A.!


I Wonder how these compare to sony or bose headphones which seem to dominate the noise canceling headphone platform. If someone has both the anker and either the sony or the bose I would love a comparison. I have the sonys but cant convince my mom to let me get the anker ones to compare them

I read a few reviews about the comparisons and they seem pretty comparable, but at a much lower price point. I’d also like to know what someone who has tried both or all three thinks. :slight_smile:

That’s a lovely story!

Theaters are really loud these days, even for non-action movies. From someone with a family history of hearing loss, I really wish they settled for more healthy levels. Your son suffers because of his condition, but these volume levels are unhealthy for everyone!

Imagine a theater where you would bring your own headphone/earphone and plug it into the chair, then select your own volume level - or even language, depending on the movie… They could offer headphones/cables for those who wouldn’t have their own.


Yay!!! Hope you guys have a great trip. Well deserved, I’m sure. :slight_smile: It’s also great to hear how the headphones helped your son. And I’m happy to hear that you recognized what was bothering him and was able to help him enjoy the movie. Thanks for sharing your story and review. :slight_smile:


Another great review @TheCharneco and glad to hear they helped your son!

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Keep on rocking those headphones :+1:

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I’m glad about your son!

Regarding the headphones, would it be possible for you to compare them to the bose or sony equivalent?

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Thanks! This particular theater is just obnoxiously loud. I remember seeing the trailer for Dunkirk there. After it was over everyone was looking around at each other commenting on how loud it was. That would be awesome to be able to have headphones that offered a 3D sound experience for movies.

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Thanks! I cannot wait! It’s going to be a blast. :smiley:

And thanks for the kind words, @TechnicallyWell and @ikari04warrior!

Thanks! I may be able to find someone with a pair of them to compare the sound quality. I’ll keep an ear out for some pairs. Maybe BestBuy has some on the floor to sample as well… Next time I’m there I’ll look for them. :slight_smile:

Your idea reminds me of silent raves.


Glad they helped.

Have you considered proper ear plugs. Some now come with active noise cancelling built in.

I’m only saying (not to take away from Anker) as being a child, and kids being such nasty vile bullies of differences, having subtle in-ear rather over ear n obvious, would help not make him stand out.


Yes indeed these Sony and Bose are always mentioned in competition
and should be compared.

The price is another of course. :wink:

The interesting point is to compare NRC of those with the Life2.

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Excellent review and story @TheCharneco & glad to hear they helped your son enjoy the film pain-free :slight_smile:

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Exactly the Anker headphones are significantly cheaper and if they produce audio thst is close to as good as my Sony headphones and have noise cancelation that is good too then maybe people who are debating dishing out the money for Sony or Bose would come to Anker if we had a good review comparing them

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I have these Anker LIFE 2 only, so I can not compare with others.
The sound is OK, bass & treble (using eq of course)

But what I mentioned some time ago :
The volume of all earbuds here is limited by law in CE.
But we all are tricky enough to bypass those if necessary. :wink:


Very nice review ! And you give me good idea: should I go with my son’s children to the theater, I will take some ear protection with me - just in case …


Great review!

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