Soundcore Liberty Truly-Wireless earbuds

It appears that the Zolo Liberty Truly-Wireless earbuds have been rebranded as Soundcore. I just happened to stumble across this. These are available to purchase from Best Buy and from a seller on eBay.


I don’t mean to come off as rude, but this was posted a while back, and several times.

Don’t feel too bad, it happens all the time :wink:

I am not a frequent visitor of the community forum.

Can you send some of those previous posts?

There is a search function in this community. Use it…

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I actually did type in “soundcore liberty” and didn’t return any results that seemed to match the rebranded buds.

What did you search for to return your result?

I didn’t realize that a simple post would generate such concerned responses.

If others have already posted about these then I was unaware. Everyone is welcome to ignore my post if it is redundant.

There is no need for concern. Many times, I myself have posted something that was already in here before.
So please keep on posting and explore the forum. This is great place to be in.
It was easy for me to search because I participated in that thread a few days ago.
And I absolutely agree with you that it is not easy to search for Soundcore Liberty since this is the new name for previously Zolo Liberty (albeit upgraded).
A few days ago another user purchased these Soundcore liberty on Bestbuy and were surprised that there was no information available about them so they asked it here.


Dont mind.
Sometimes double is better. :smiley:
Keep on reading, posting and searching.:wink: