Soundcore Liberty True Wireless Headphones

I recently purchased on a lightning sale on amazon(but have not been delivered yet) Soundcore Liberty True Wireless earbuds (100 hr upgraded version). I am curious of a few things:

  1. is the zolo life app able to be used since these are branded soundcore, not zolo?
  2. has zolo been killed off since Soundcore is more recoginized as Ankers brand, or is Zolo being reserved for only the highest end Anker sound products?
  3. why are there 2 versions of the same thing? One branded zolo and one Soundcore? Which are the newer version?

Thanks for all help and feedback.

Bump…anyone have any idea?

I can answer all your questions if you leave a link to the exact product you are talking about :wink:

  1. The zolo app will bot work for these, although it never hurt to download and just try it yourself. But other users have reported it doesnt work as these are updated version of just the liberty earbuds and not the liberty +.

  2. Zolo was and is still around, but Anker branched Zolo into the Soundcore brand and has been making and marketing products under soundcore. Zolo still exist and we dont know if it’s to finish products they were working on or nk of it’s reserved for just their high end audio offerings.

  3. These are similar products but not the same. The zolo brand was via kickstarter and the soundcore branded version was it’s own release that offered similar spec but updated internals. In terms of which is newer, all depends which specific product you are trying to compare

Soundcore Liberty True-Wireless Headphones, 100-Hour Playtime, Bluetooth 5 Wireless Earbuds with Graphene Driver Technology, Sweatproof True Wireless Earbuds with Smart AI, Stereo Handsfree Calls

I think @Tank already got everything covered :wink:

It looks like Anker is discontiuing Zolo Liberty and moved it to Soundcore Liberty… I recently purchased Zolo Liberty from Amazon and now it says it’s currently unavailable, and Soundcore Liberty spec and earbuds looks identical to Zolo Liberty minus the logo on the earbuds. Here’s the Amazon link to Zolo (