Soundcore Liberty pro 2 - lost Aptx HD - now just Aptx (Honor 10)


I have a Honor 10 and bought the Soundcore Liberty pro 2 Month ago.

When i went into my Bluetooth Menu and connected the headphones my Smartphones showed me the AptX HD logo.

Since then i had 2 Android Updates and i think 2 Updates für the Soundcore.

And suddenly i lost the HD and now i have just the Aptx connection.

So the point is, that i know that the soundcore pro just have the normal Aptx conncention and normally not the HD one.

On the other side (and sadly iam not really shure), i think that since i lost my HD connecntion the sound got a little bit worse… but this could be only my perception.

So…does anybody had a similiar problem ?

Could the Reason one of the Updates OR was the Aptx HD logo displayed incorrectly and there was never a HD connection.


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The Liberty 2 Pro only have standard aptX, which some could argue would be hard to differentiate from aptX HD anyways. The HD logo was probably due to an error between updates that was showing the status of HD while not being true HD.

Okay … so do you know if anker maybe in general changing the sound mix or the equalizer a litte bit with the Updates ?

I have updated the L2P to latest firmware, there has been a slight reduction of audio volume from what I had out of the box.

Certain a tweaks are probably made in new firmwares to the sound mix to improve playback based on feedback received between updates. Unfortunately we never seem to get a comprehensive change log between firmware updates.

Would it be worth updating any updates. Or just leave it alone if everything working ok… One thing I have heard about via YouTube reviews is about the hiss sound. Which up to now I cant hear…but they did say the update can improve this…what do you think…