Soundcore Liberty Neo sound quality

I have a pair of Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds, and in the past week or so, the sound quality on them has plummeted. Audio sounds muddy and very compressed. This happens across multiple apps, and both on cellular data and wifi. It happens paired to other devices as well, and if I pair other bluetooth devices to the same phone, it sounds fine.

Any thoughts about what I can do?

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Clean the earbuds with some rubbing alcohol and qtips. As you wear them, you body heat liquefies the earwax and over time it seeps into and past the mesh screen on the earbuds and the blockage can cause all sorts of distortion. Cleaning them is generally the only way to restore performance to them.


I have tried that, and there seems to be no real improvement. The problem is that it really does sound like sound is overly compressed, even with a high quality sound stream.