Soundcore Liberty Neo - No Audio on right earbud

I’ve had my Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds for just under a year with no issues. However last night my right earbud’s volume would fade to nearly nothing then suddenly jump back up to normal volume no matter what my iPhone volume was. They connect fine and my left earbud sounds completely normal so it’s just the right one that’s not working properly.
Any advice? I’d ideally like to keep them a bit longer before I replace them so any fixes would be appreciated. Thank you!

I would suggest reset

Contact support for more help

As suggested by @VertigoXX try a reset on the earbuds and also I would suggest making sure the mesh is free from any debris such as ear wax etc.

If you are still having issues after this you would be best reaching out to support as suggested by @ikari04warrior on the following email

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