Soundcore Liberty Neo, Life 2, and Anker SoundBuds Curve Review/Comparison

Soundcore Liberty Neo Review
Truly Wireless Headphones, Excellent Sound, Decent Battery Life

I want to start this review by thanking @AnkerOfficial so much again for the opportunity to test these out! I love these little guys and have been using them non-stop! They are very light, easy to use and pair, and are super compact. I was able to pair them with my iPhone and Mac within a matter of seconds. They link together, so you don’t have to pair one first and then pair one bud to the other. You can also use one at a time if you’d prefer for extended battery life. The noise cancellation is surprisingly excellent when you have them shoved in your ears. I love the sound quality and bass of these too. I’m not going to bore you all with information that you already know about these, so if you want to see them in action and get more details on the Liberty Neos, check out the video review.

My only tiny complaint is that you have to make sure they’re secure in your ear so they don’t fall out, which they did a lot over the first day of use and the microphone doesn’t seem to be the greatest. But those are minor details for me. As long as I get them in my ear well, they stay in. I also don’t like using earbud, or anything that blocks out sound, when making calls because I’m afraid I’ll talk way too loud. hahaha.

Now, onto the juicy details of the Liberty Neo. These stats are taken straight from the Amazon page and I can confirm that they are accurate. The sound quality really does have exceptional clarity, the battery life is exactly what it says, and they do pair “ultra-fast”!

  • Breathtaking Sound–Exceptional clarity delivered via Graphene drivers with deep, resonant bass.
  • Smaller & Lighter–Incredible comfort and seamless sound that sits effortlessly in your ears.
  • 12-Hour Playtime–Get 3.5 hours’ playtime from a single charge and 9 extra hours in the compact charging case.
  • Ultra-Fast Pairing–PUSH AND GO Technology simplifies the setup process so the last-paired device automatically connects on startup.
  • IPX5 Protection–Resists liquids for workouts in the sun or songs in the rain.

I recorded a more detailed review and comparison of the Liberty Neo, the Soundcore Life 2, and the Anker SoundBuds Curve. Be sure to check out the video. Below is also a link to skip the first few minutes and get right to the Liberty Neo review.

Full Video:

Skip to the Liberty Neo Review: ALL NEW Soundcore Liberty Neo, Life 2, & SoundBuds Curve–Random Reviews - YouTube

Here are some images of what comes in the box as well as closer shots of the earbuds.

Thanks for taking the time to read and watch! :smiley:
Learn more product details here:


Nice write up and video review @TheCharneco

Had a question - what happens when the case is fully discharged and the headset pieces still have some battery life left – do headset pieces pair to the phone while within the case? Have you seen this scenario.

Saw this question on forum and am interested to know if this happens to Neo.

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Great question! I was getting low on battery last night while making the video and then charged them back to 100% when I was done. So I haven’t been in that scenario, but my guess is that as long as they’re in the case (even if the case is dead) they’ll stay turned off until removed from the case.

I will try to drain these down in the next day or so to test that out and will report back on what happens in that scenario.

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Sounds good, will wait to hear :slight_smile:

Nice review and nice photos. Keep up the good work and you will be chosen again!


Thanks so much! :smiley:

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Great review, do you know when they will be available?


Thank so much!

I honestly have no idea when they’ll be available. They were listed on Amazon for a short time, but are currently unavailable. I’d imagine pretty soon, but you never know. Here’s the link for the Amazon page:

They’re not listed on anymore. :confused:


Nice review @TheCharneco love the pics :slight_smile:

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Great review as usual, @TheCharneco! :thumbsup:

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Great review and photos!! :ok_hand:

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very cool! Thanks for the time you took on the review.

With all these reviews of the Liberty Neo coming in, I’m very tempted to get them. Not that I NEED them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Nhi Do it, you won’t be disappointed

Nice review/video/pictures. These get more and more interested in getting a set of these.

Very in depth review. I now really want to get a pair and I hear nothing but good reviews.

Nice review, Thanks!

@TheCharneco Great review bro! Did you ever get another band for the earbud? Was it just missing from the box?

Excellent write up and video review @TheCharneco :thumbsup: