Soundcore Liberty Neo issues

I am enjoying my new headphones - the packaging and out-of-box experience were great, even by Anker standards. The battery life seems good as well - I have yet to have them die on me. Fit and comfort are very good too - I’ve changed fittings a few times to find the best combination for me.
When wearing the headphones I can usually get them to do odd things as I turn my head. I hike the golf course near my home and as I turn my head, the sound can move from centered to one ear, then back to both - but not in stereo - and then re-center in stereo. Interesting effect. I have also had times when the audio ‘skips’. A glitch in the recording would explain it, but after rewinding and replaying, there’s nothing wrong with the audio.
I have 2 phones, an iPod and an iPad, and it’s occasionally a challenge to get connected. My standard process now is to check all devices to be sure bluetooth is turned off, then choose my device and connect. The day my wife’s phone, laptop, etc. become an issue will be the day I quit using these otherwise great headphones.

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The audio skipping is usually due to the human body’s water content blocking the Bluetooth signal (water is Bluetooth’s kryptonite). It may help to carry your phone in your other pocket or in an arm band so it is closer to the right earbud as shown below.

Already carrying in my right pocket or front pocket of a hoodie. I’ll try the armband. And I’m drinking beer instead of water to help reduce bluetooth issues. What else ya got?

:rofl: If beer doesn’t work, I’m all out of ideas!

In all seriousness, if you are still having issues, feel free to reach out to the support team at