Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds cutting out when changing to laptop

Just bought Liberty Neo earbuds for the first time and they’re great when I’m using them for my phone. However, the moment I try to use them for my laptop they start cutting pretty bad even when I reset them, which sometimes doesn’t even work, does anyone else have this issue?

Try to update your bluetooth driver on your laptop. If you’re on windows laptop, go to “Device Manager” and update all the bluetooth drivers including driver for Liberty Neo

Laptop: Win10?

If so, remove the default driver from MS and replace it with the genuine.
bt driver given by the manufacturer of your bt card.

Look up your own laptop model exactly and find out it’s Bluetooth version in hardware.

I suspect you’re using an older version of Bluetooth on your laptop than you are on phone. E.g phone is BT 5 , laptop is BT 4.2 so then one of your buds is having to retransmit to the other bud on laptop but not on phone. That retransmit is through your skull and causes more cutouts for a given distance.

Also you did buy the Neo upgraded version right from Amazon? Not the earlier version? It says BT 5? Anker never stopped making the earlier 4.2 so folks can buy them in error thinking got a deal.