Soundcore liberty lite

Hi, I just got my liberty lite wire free ear buds. I haven’t been able to charge the ear buds themselves. I’ve left them in the case while plugged and unplugged from the external cable. The charging case also has all 3 lights on so I’m not sure what the problem is. I haven’t been able to turn the ear buds on all day today. Any suggestions?

There is plastic covering on the earbuds where the contact points are, take a look and remove the plastic and it should charge fine


Woah, haha. I’m a little embarrassed… But thank you!

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Haha not a problem, your not the first to have missed it and surely you won’t be the last


I have the same problem, but I HAVE removed the plastic. I just got the earbuds Thursday. The case shows all three lights lit up, but the buds won’t take a charge.

When you put the earbuds in the case push them down to make sure they contacts are touching. Also adjust the grip for jacket and if need be remove it to see if it aides in charging

Try a reset by placing the buds in the case and holeing down the button on both simultaneously for about 5 Seconds.

My liberty lite is not able to charge beyond 10% and shuts down as soon as I play a track for 30 seconds. This is because of the right earpod, the left seems to be working fine.

My liberty lites have gotten so quiet that I can’t really use them anymore. I’m disappointed to say the least.

Have you cleaned them thoroughly? As you wear earbuds you heat up the wax in your ear and it liquifies and gets into the grate of the earbuds where it cools down and ends up blocking the sound

First thing I checked. Thanks though.