Soundcore Liberty lite right earpod not charging beyond 10%

My soundcore started giving me problems within 2 months of purchase. I am not able to debug what the issue is, but basically the right earpod does not last for more than 30 seconds despite charging it completely. I have tried everything, the left earpod seems to work fine. No matter how long I charge the right earpod, the battery indicator shows that there is only about 10% left, and as soon as I play a track, it just shuts down, when I reconnect, the battery level keeps changing, from 10% to 30%, but it shuts down within 30 seconds as soon a track is played. I have tried completely draining the battery on both the earphones, I have tried multiple devices, both iOS and android, but no luck. Does anyone have issues like this? If so, is there anyway I can fix it? Also, I purchased this in the US, but I currently live in India, how would I go about claiming warranty?


Try following the method listed in this post, if all else fails send a message to
Zolo Liberty+ right bud always charging

As far I see you tried everything to get out of that issue.
Seems to be a defective earbud.
But there may are other proposals from the buddies over the pond.
So please wait!

Otherwise you may contact the support.
You entered “our family” and there will be any help we can offer! :slight_smile:

Please regard : weekend (The Anker crew will be ready for you on Monday asap !)

I have tried recharging with another case, the issue persists, which leads me to believe that the case is not at fault, the issue lies with the earpods.

I hope this issue gets resolved, I really love the buds, I made a lot of friends buy this, but now I am worried about the reliability.

Then you really should contact the service.

May be you add a video as well, this helps often more than a Thousand words.

Good luck!

Thanks for the information, I will contact them.