Soundcore Liberty Lite Right Ear unit stopped working

Dear All,

Suddenly right ear unit stopped working when I put it inside the charging case White lights lit up and is always in slightly breathing mode.

When I remove it from charging case White light turns off and there is no respond from this right unit on pressing of button any no of times.

Left unit is working perfect individually and main unit is not traceable in Bluetooth search also.

Is anyone else facing same issue ?

I am in Doha, Qatar right now is there any service center available in Qatar so that i show this and get it replaced/repaired. This unit I got as a gift from brother from USA. Hope Anker take this unit as a replacement as I have not even used this for a month.



I would recommend cleaning the contact points on the case and earbuds, then place it to charge and plug the case in and let it charge overnight. Try again once it has a chance to fully charge

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