Soundcore Liberty Lite left earbud Issue

Two weeks in after buying the soundcore liberty lite and am experiencing issue with my left earbud. Keeps going off after every couple of minutes when the right earbud works great. Is there a way to have this issue fixed?

I’m not familiar with the reset options maybe one of the other community members know how to reset it.

However, If you contact support at or use the their chat feature on the soundcore website they should be able to help you out.

Make sure to give them the model, serial number, where/when you purchased and what troubleshooting steps you took (Should speed up your support issue) and they will help you sort it out.

Make sure both the earbuds are fully charged within the case and take out the earbuds at the same time so that they pair well. Try to forget and re-pair the headset to your smartphone ( hope you are not pairing it to Windows 10 machine)

If these don’t work, contact Soundcore support / Anker Support with your purchase details, they will get back to you with resolution.

Support Link:

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Might want to check this one

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Thanks for sharing @rtena you nailed the request here, hopes this helps @Sanford_Masinde