Soundcore liberty air

So we got another set of wireless earbuds coming from Anker. Here we have the Soundcore Liberty Air…similar looking to the airpods, but different all it’s own. These just passed through fcc so hopefully we see them soon.
Sadly it looks like it still charges with micro usb…what are your thoughts and take in this new product, is it something you would be interested in?


Interesting that they have made such a big jump in design…though they should hold better…

At first I didnt like the design, but the fact they opted for in ear instead of just hanging there like the airpods is growing on me. I actually want to try them, with a claimed 5 hour battery life it can easily get me through the better parts of my shifts at work.

Wonder how much these buds will cost and when Anker will move to USB C


Considering I have only seen 1 company move to USB c for their charging case I’m not sure we will se it happen until more companies do. But if these can come in at a better price, work just as good as the airpods if not better than they may have a hit with these. Can’t wait to try a pair, I wonder how well they will hold in my cavernous ears

I know Sony and I think JBL have made the leap to type c on some of their Bluetooth headphones.

I guess it’s Ankers choice whether or not they want to follow or lead…

I choose lead

It’s almost 2019 it’s time for type c :man_shrugging:


I think USB-C on the Jump Starter Pro is a sign… :crossed_fingers:


Yeah that was a pleasant surprise. Nice to be able to recharge the jump starter from power Banks and Solar not just wall sockets and cigarette lighter sockets.


Liberty air looks great. Ready to test :grinning:

I think they look nice. I’m sure plenty of R&D went it to them as well.

More pictures, yay!

Key Features

  • Graphene-Enhanced Sound: Pioneering audio technology delivers jaw-dropping clarity and treble.
  • Crystal-Clear Calls: Dual-mic uplink noise cancellation enhances call quality.
  • 12-Hour Playtime: Get 3.5 hours of playtime from a single charge, then boost that to 12 with the included charging case.
  • PUSH AND GO™: Ultra-fast pairing between devices ensures quick setup.
  • IPX5 Protection: The liquid-resistant casing prevents water and sweat from penetrating and damaging its sensitive components.

Plus dual bud support for calls instead or just the right bud☺️


Interesting idea!

A little correction to key features.
These have 5 hour playtime and 20 hour with charging case

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Single use should be a lot longer as with most wireless headphones when used single

Soundcore liberty air showing up on walmart (Walmart # 570384776) but without any pricing

Plus playtime information is incorrect (should be 5 hr and 20 hr with charging case)


Yup, I been seen that @ Walmart, it was posted on Reddit a while back. But you are correct the posted time is wrong, and can be verified as the instructions i posted above have the actual times listed

Dude are you on anker all the time?

lol, not all the time, I just set my phone to give me notifications and i just click and see whats going on

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How?! Does it only work on Android?