Soundcore Liberty Air (Updated Version) Review


I’m an early beta tester for Soundcore Liberty Air (totally wireless earphones). Anker provided me with a sample that I tested for about 6 weeks before the product was released to general public. Unfortunately, unlike some other beta testers, I was unimpressed with the sound quality and performance of Liberty Air. I found that the earphones were lacking the bass performance and the overall sound quality was very dull and unenjoyable. I reported my observations and recommendations to Anker development team. I was told that they received many other reviews about poor bass response and are working on improving the sound quality with an improved version of the earphones. Very recently, I was provided with a sample of the improved version of the Liberty Air to test it again.
I’m very pleased to say that “Wow!!! what an improvement”. These improved version of Liberty Air sound awesome (just how I like).
I know my earphones/headphones. I have also beta tested Zolo Liberty, Soundcore Space NC, Soundcore Vortex, etc and have always provided my honest opinions. I’m very pleased to know that Anker listened to my concerns and more than adequately addressed them.

The pictures below are from both the samples I was provided (White and Black). There are no differences between the old and improved version of earphones (in terms of product id etc.). Only cosmetic difference I see is that White version has a very glossy case while black version has a matte finish case. All accessories are same (of course accessories color is white or black).


Input - 5V, 0.5A
Charging Time - 2 hours (via micro usb)
Playtime (varies) - 5 hours
Weight - 55g / 1.9 oz
Impedance - 16 Ohm
Driver - 6mm x 2
Frequency Response - 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Bluetooth Ver - 5.0
Range - 10m / 33ft

Unboxing is straight forward. Earphones comes in the case with a plastic around charging port and covering the touch sensitive port of earphones. Inside the box, there is a happy/unhappy card, a warranty card and a user manual. There is a micro usb cable as well in the box along with different sized eartips.
I like the fit and feel of the default size ear tip (large). I believe it will fit most of the users. Earphones are very comfortable to wear for extended periods and does not fall out. They block most of the external sounds so it does provide passive isolation.


Now to the most important purpose of these…the sound!!!
With the improved version it sounds amazing. Prior to this I absolutely loved the sound of Apple AirPods and Zolo Liberty (both of them have great bass response). The new version sounds the same as Zolo Liberty. These now have great bass response and overall sound quality is very very enjoyable. I listened to some flac tracks of Eminem and boy what a performance it gives. Sound stage has improved dramatically and I can hear high frequency (treble) as well as low frequency (bass) without messing with any EQ settings. My suggestion is to use high quality music (320 kbps or higher).

Call Quality

Call quality is awesome and I have no trouble with calls. People on other side can hear me perfectly good. Calls are in stereo (unlike Zolo Liberty where it is mono). Only right earphone has dual microphones

Other Observations

These are very pocket friendly and I keep them on me all the time. Case can provide 3 extra charges for a total of 20 hour total run time. Right bud can be independently used but left cannot.
These earphones cannot connect to 2 devices simultaneously (some users have different opinion but I cannot get it to work with 2 devices at the same time).

I’ve uploaded some pictures comparing Liberty Air case with AirPods case and Zolo Liberty case as well.
Enjoy rest of the pictures…

To Hard Reset Liberty Air - Follow the instructions in attached video


Thanks for the review.

These ideas of items wirelessly charged in a case which is charged wired I think should carry over to smartwatch.

Another item without USB-C

Thanks for the review! Definitely have a decision to make between these & the Liberty Lite.

Thanks for your review, I’m actually waiting to hear back from the support team because mine started shutting down randomly and restarting on it’s own, and since then they have become tinney sounding. Hopefully this will be resolved with either the update or just a different pair.

As far as dual pairing, I know it works for me and I can’t explain why it doesn’t for others. But similarly the same can be said about using the left earbud on it’s own separately from the right, some people get it to work and others don’t. Could just be difference in how it was set up.

Thanks for the review, good to know the sound has been improved :thumbsup:

Excellent review and pics. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Great review and pics

Wow, amazing review! Try and scatter images through text in relevant locations though, it makes it more enjoyable!

Duly noted. Will make amends next time :slight_smile:

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Here are Soundcore Liberty Air Audio Graph. It is generated using Macbook Air (with Mojave) as the source and forcing AAC codec (Liberty Air doesn’t support aptX). You can see the bitrate is 256 kb/s.

Great review!!!

Hi. I have the Zolo Liberty headphones. Is it worth the change? Greetings from Chile.

It has a different form factor than zolo. This looks more like AirPods. If that is important to you then try these. Otherwise you won’t gain much. ZOLO liberty (New BT 5.0 version) is same in every respect to liberty air. Older ZOLO liberty had BT 4.1 and was providing less listnening time (3.5 hr) per charge.