Soundcore Liberty Air | The Review

Today I will be reviewing the Soundcore Liberty Air.

These are Anker’s true wireless earbuds that are modeled similarly to apples airpods, but these have several features that make them better!

When I first opened the box, I found them extremely easy to pair. I just pulled them out, took of the plastic earbuds covers, and stuck them back in the case. Then when I pulled them back out, I just selected them in my BT menu on my phone. They paired instantly upon doing that. Now, when I pull them out of the case, they autoconnect to my phone instantly.

They are made of a high quality plastic, as is the case. The inside of the case is a softer plastic, so it doesn’t hurt the earbuds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not squishy, it’s just softer to the touch.

One thing I noticed, is there is no way to tell how much charge the earbuds have. Anker should implement this in future versions. They could possible add support in the soundcore app that shows this information.

Each earbud has two microphones, one on the top, and one on the bottom. This provided amazing clarity on phone calls. It also allows for Dual-Mic Uplink Noise-Reduction for phone calls.

As for the battery life, I’m not really sure. I have been using them for hours (20h+) and haven’t had them die. I often just use one earbud, or when I use both I don’t play them bery loud. My case still has 2 lights on it :grin:.

I have found the sound quality to be quite satisfying. The mids and highs are clear and crisp, and the bass isn’t too bad either. The bass could be a little clearer, and stronger. But it’s pretty good for true wireless earbuds!

Here’s how they are better than AirPods. If you look at the shape, you will see that the top almost goes down into your ear canal. This may sound horrible, but it’s actually super awesome for two reasons. When it’s that far down, the eartip gets a perfect seal, allowing for amazing noise isolation. It also allows the earbuds to stay in your ears very well. Neither of these things, do the Apple AirPods have.

In addition, these support IPX5 water resistance, which Apple AirPods also don’t have.

As you can see, these charge via micro-usb. This is a disappointment to me, as it could be usb-c. The charging method isn’t super elegant either, since you either have to lay it on its back, or on its lid.

Another disappointment is that you can’t easily use the left earbuds by itself. You Can only use the Right earbud. One issue I’ve noticed, is that when I am using just the right earbud, and then I turn on and connect the left earbud, there is about 1/3 second skip on the right earbud. That is a shame…


good sound quality
instant connection
controls work well
great price
great noise isolation
great fit

usb-c would be better
skip when left earbud Connects
charging method isn’t elegant
no way to tell how charged the earbuds are

Now I have to tell you one last thing I experienced. I paired the right earbud and used it. Than I tryed to pair the left earbud. But it didn’t work. It’s wouldnt pair. I kept trying, and I tryed to factory reset the earbuds, and forget them from my device. Nothing worked.

I contacted anker about it, and they told me how to reset the BT connections, so that I could try to repair. I did exactly as they said, and now everything works perfectly!

The reason they came unpaired in the first place, is because I (most likely) accidentally tapped the earbud 5 times, and that unpaired then. It’s a super easy fix though! Now that I know how!

Overall, I really like these earbuds and highly recommend them to everyone!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions!


So I have been using these for a while, so I decided I should do an update.

I used them for landscaping once. It worked pretty well, because of the awesome design. There was enough noise isolation to block out the noise of mowers and stuff, without damaging my hearing. The design also allowed my to do physical work, without them falling out of my ears (my #1 concern).

I literally just finally had them die. I got probably 35hrs if playback with the case, which is way better than advertised. I did use the right earbud by itself sometimes, so that probably had to be partially the reason they lasted so long.

Overall I am still really impressed with these.


So my opinion hasn’t really changed since I got them. I still use them a lot, and really like them. I just have one bone to pick with them.

The case is a pillowed! Which means that instead of being a perfect square, the objects sides would buldge. For the case that means that the front and back are both pillowed out. I feel that this makes them look cheaper that if it were flat.

The reason I think they did this, is to make the case feel smaller. When an object is pillowed, it makes it seems smaller than if it were completely flat. You can see them doing the same thing with the atom 1.

I would rather have a slightly larger case (which could also have a larger battery life) instead of the ugly pillowing. The AirPods got it right, but it seems anker messed this one up :wink:.


Have you had issues with the charging case failing? Mine stopped accepting a charge and won’t charge the headphones anymore, I’ve only had it for about 3 weeks.

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Great review and nice photos… would be great if you would post a video of some sort​:grin::+1:

I’m really confused… what?

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No i haven’t. I clean then regularly (every other day or so).

Anker will show you how to Here

Oh sorry I meant written review not ‘video review’.

Post a video review🙏

I’m considering it… I’ve never made one… @Tank has a great video review for these!


Great review and pics @Anjou1888
Hope you get some good use out of them. They cost you a few PB’s :thumbsup:


good review. Does the unused earbud still play music when not in ear or can it detect not being used?


Great question! It actually powers off and disconnects when you put it back in the case. You can also do this manually if you don’t have the case on hand.

That’s definitely true :joy:. A bit more than “a few” though :joy:

If you put one in the case or turn one off does the other stay on?

Nice review thanks

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Depends on which one. If you put the left one in the case, the right one still works. If you put the right one in the case (master) it will turn off the left one.

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Yes it does. So you can power off the left earbud, and the right one will stay on and play music.

The downside is, although you can use the right earbud by itself like this, the left earbud cannot be used by itself.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

@rtena has it correct. The only one that actually connects to my phone is the right earbud. The left earbud then connects to the right bud. This is called the master/slave setup.

Good review, nice photos! Glad you are liking them :slight_smile:


My husband always had to charge his two times. The case would say it was charged the first time but once he linked them to his phone, it’s like they were never charged. We would charge them a second time and they would be charged fully.

Are you sure they were fully charged the first time? You can tell when you open the case, if the lights are off on each earbud, they are fully charged. If they are on, than they are still charging.

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He had this issue several times. Not every time and yes the lights on the earbuds were off and the lights were no longer flashing on case.

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Have you contacted anker at

They may be able to help you…

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