Soundcore Liberty Air sound quality with iphone


i am using liberty air for 3 days with iphone xs max and apple music.

i have noticed that the earpods constantly from time to time are changing the sound quality, like from high to mid or low, like a bitrate.

i am listening to downloaded offline content with aac codec high quality.

i do not know why it is happening, but for example for 1 minute the sound quality is good and then suddenly it drops the clarity a bit for 10-20 seconds, but then goes to normal.
i know it might be to some bluetooth bandwidth, but is is true with this model? have somebody experienced the same?

Sorry your experiencing troubles, a quick Google search shows that this is a widespread issue with the iPhone xs and xsmax
Read up on it Here

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i see. at least they are aware about the issue.
meanwhile this does not happen on my Powerbeats 3 with W1 chip. oh apple apple (((

Thanks for the article, I thought I had some problem with my headset or ears :smile:

Hope Apple fixes this soon

Aha a sour apple. :confounded:

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