Soundcore Liberty Air (S/N inside case) Charging Case issue

I have an issue with my charging case that it drains battery a lot and the buds are working correctly by the charging case 1st LED is always on, if i opened the lid, it shows all 3 dots, if i closed it, it happens again.

The lights will go off eventually, generally in around 30 seconds or so. But yes opening the case will show all the lights as that would be the state of charge, although the first light always being lit is an issue. I recommend you to reach out to and let then know and see what they want you to do or try to fix it.
@AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport maybe you can provide some insight?

To further elaborate, i have attached a video demonstrating the issue

I would recommend you to short out the left charging pins in the case with a paperclip that is bent at the very tip/end, this will reset the case and hopefully fix the light issue. If all else fails reach out to and provide them with your troubleshooting steps you tool, your serial number and order number and they will take care of you

Hello Tank,

Thanks alot for the support, Tried that and didn’t fix the issue, all i have left now is to contact Support…

Thanks again