Soundcore liberty air problems

I have two problems with my new soundcore liberty air and I will be thankful if you gave me a solution. While I am listening to music the left bud stops and comes back every two minutes . And after 10 minutes of using it turns off and I have to put them in the case every ten minutes to be able to pair them again. I tried to reset them many times but no difference at all.

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Sounds like you have covered the normal troubleshooting steps, pairing and reset included. Do you have the same issue if they are used on a different device?

Yes … the problem in the earbuds

If the behaviour is happen on more than one device it sounds like a defective pair. I would suggest you log a call with support at covering the fault and troubleshooting steps taken.

The left one has charging issues.
If it doesn’t charge it goes off automatically.
When you put it into the case keep the lid open and check the led comes on. If not wiggle it until it does.
Then leave it like this until the led goes out. Then it’s fully charged.
Mine have the same issue since I have them.
Maybe that’s the price difference to the big competitors.