Soundcore liberty air Pairing not working

So, i have a pair of soundcore liberty air with the SN nuber written inside the case. It All goes well and the airbuds should be paired and making the same light patterns as in the video provided på anker themself. But the left earbud Still dorsnt play sound at All, i can not Even hear the woosh sound when you take the left out of the case and put it i to mu ear. I AM not sure how to tackle this. The earbud themself are not only more than a half year old from May. Do you Guys have a solution?

@Marcus_Helweg Are the charging contacts for the bud and the slot in the case free from dirt and lint etc as it sounds like either the left earbud has / is not charging or is defective. A reset also can resolve a number of issues.

If you are still encountering problems you can reach out to for assistance and/or replacement if the issue is deemed to be a fault, as you’re well within your warranty period.

The case is free from dirt and the left earbud should be charging since the charging light is on and I have already decided to contact anker but thank you for your advice

Contact the support .
Yes this is would you should do.
If possible create a video, and don’t forget on weekends there might be not such a quick answer as usual.